Art Prize Winners - 2019

Catagory First Second
Best Oil No. 15 Glenn Hoyle No. 51 Kasey Sealy
Best Water Colour No. 16 Glenn Hoyle No. 108 Jane Reine
Best Acrylic No. 272 Lydia Ben-Natan   No. 367 Kay Miller
Best Other No. 332 Jon Crawley   No. 95 Vida Pearson
Best Pastel No. 358 Thea de Koning     No. 209 Lee Snibson
Best Abstract No. 75 Suzanne Metcalfe
Best Pair No. 113 Carolyn Marrone
Best Pyrenees Artist Lydia Ben-Natan
Best Pyrenees Landscape No. 339 Ben Winzer (Apex Club of Beaufort Award)
Most Popular Painting No. 114 Jenny Esplin

Best Pyrenees Landscape & Best Artist 17-21 years - Ben Winzer.

Best Pyrenees Landscape & Best Artist 17-21 years - Ben Winzer.

Highly Commended
1)       No. 46 Noniann Lier
2) No. 72 Maggie Barnes-Oake
3)      No. 80 Kaye O’Donovan
4) No. 201 Jennifer Sutterby
5) No. 305 Marion Chapple
6) No. 323 Heather Featherston
7) No. 333 Jon Crawley
8) No. 354 Walter Magilton
9) No. 359 Beverley Larwill
10) No. 435 Alma Knight
Best Artist 17 to 21   
Ben Winzer
Best Artist 12 to 16 
No. 10 Jameela Day
Amanda Pattenden Encouragement Award
No. 1 Ethan McGrath
Amanda Pattenden Encouragement Award
No. 11 Princess Heenan
Highly Commended
No. 9 Taryn Wilde
No. 8 Rita Dyer

Feature:  Highly Commended
Best 2D Painting      No. 403 Angela Gerrard
Best 3D Painting      No. 187 Meryl Bowers

Raffle Winners

2019 Raffle painting[13571].jpeg

1st Prize – Original painting by Franz Kunz
Tom Walker, Ormond
2nd Prize – Kincrome Power Pak Plus donated by Beaufort Rural & Hardware
Beverley Larwill, Port Melbourne
3rd Prize — Travel Gift Card donated by Flight Centre Tailor Made, Ballarat
Helen Simpson, Beaufort
4th Prize — Chainsaw Rok 45cc
Paul Moore, Halls Gap
5th Prize — Two Bottles of Wine & Pyrenees Arts Council glasses
Athol Fraser, Buangor
Survey Prize Winner — Hamper
Deb Robinson, Ballarat

Photography Prize Winners - 2019

Best In Show 1A/1B
No. 36 Shellabelle O’Connor
1A Free Composition   
1st—No. 36 Shellabelle O’Connor
2nd—No. 40 Bill Blackburn
1B Theme                          
1st—No. 20 Jacinta McLoughlan
2nd—No. 6 Geoffrey James

Secondary School 
Best In Show 2A/2B
No. 3 Tate Robinson
2A Free Composition                   
1st—No. 3 Tate Robinson
Amanda Pattenden Encouragement Award
No. 36 Amy Harris
2B Theme                                        
1st—No. 19 Sophie Carlyle
Amanda Pattenden Encouragement Award
No.62  Zoe Rigby

Primary School
Best In Show 3A/3B
No. 5 Bronte Molloy
3A Free Composition                   
1st—No. 5 Bronte Molloy
Amanda Pattenden Encouragement Award
No. 11 Ingrid McIntyre Smith
3B Theme                                        
1st—No. 4 Sophie Collins
Amanda Pattenden Encouragement Award
No. 12 Ingrid McIntyre Smith
Highly Commended:
3A 10-Ingrid McIntyre-Smith, 15-Adeline Corbett
2A  40-Annie Felini, 72 & 74-Angel Herbert-King,
75-Dea Gangur, 42-Jameela Day,
46-Grace Calvird, 57-Will Lawrie, 60-Zoe Rigby,
32-Princess Heenan, 26-Ella Rudolph
2B 35-Princess Heenan
1A 54-Karen Bradshaw
1A 29-Julie Eaton, 30-Julie Eaton

1B Theme Photography Winner  1st—No. 20 Jacinta McLoughlan

1B Theme Photography Winner 1st—No. 20 Jacinta McLoughlan